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Written by on November 7, 2020

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MELLOWREMA started way back in the day 1981 as a sound system in Forest Gate East London, 5 young men 15 to 16 in their last year of school I was the oldest of the group.At that time all young men were involved in sound systems it was like a right of passage our gang our posse everyone was linked in some way to a sound a member or follower, even being a box boy you would go to the venue carry the equipment and boxes in stay till the end then carry it all out again.That was the beginning of my passion with music.I was buying my music from the age of 15 listening to roddigan and tony Williams on the radio making sure I was up to date with the current tunes lovers’ rock and revival which was what I concentrated on.We built our own boxes one of the boys had a garage so we could build the set and test everyone had a role to play we searched for houses were we could hold our raves we would design and print our own leaflets it was a great time and experience. We were well known in Forest Gate and soon became very popular, we had dances in west London and north London we stopped playing out ln the early ninety’s .In 2012 I was approached by one of the Mellowrema boys to do an internet radio show on some ones station based in Germany we did this for a couple of months and we picked up a bit of a following so in 2013 we made up our minds to relaunch Mellowrema as a radio station and that was when Mellowremaradio.com was born.It took another year to set up our studio and  kit it out and recruit enough presenters for us to play live, on the weekend it was great as anyone who actually runs a studio in a commercial building knows the rent is high and when you are financing everything yourself it gets difficult to maintain at times.As I say to my kids it’s better to try and fail than to not have attempted your dream, but luckily I was approached by a recording studio Throw Dice who joined us in our venture. So we decided to stop the live shows and turn to doing a podcast shows so we could offer a platform for presenters to use and hopefully have a more diverse type of radio station.Mellowrema is an adult radio station we don’t filter our music we play the music the way it was made raw and the way it was intended to be heard parental guidance is always prompted on the station as explicit terms may be used.We are creating a new website which will incorporate free advertising for small business within our London community information board with jobs and community news.MELLOWREMARADIO.COM. (music is the food of life)!Available on the TuneInApp: MellowRema -Futher enquires: info@mellowremaradio.com

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