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  1. Here is the blog: Are we failing our children? YES. Is there an answer to black on black violence? YES. A short introduction into me a black man of 51 blessed years born of Caribbean parents like many of you first generation born obviously Britain. Lived in housing estates like Mozart, Stone bridge, Canning Town in East London from boy to man. Like many black young men I was stopped and searched on a regular basis by the police which still happens to our youths today. We should overstand that we live in a system built on slavery like America and all the nations which benefited from the enslavement of the black race. The greatest change I have noticed in the last 25 years living in this country is the hatred we have for each other like distrust, envy etc. So going back to how I started this blog are we failing our children. Is there an answer to black on black violence. The answer is YES. We have passed the hatred of ourselves onto our children so they hate one another and have no self-worth. As parents it is our duty to educate our children about their history, where they come from, who they really are. It starts with educating ourselves. It is time to break out of that mental slavery ie Willie Lynch syndrome. Education starts today. Things to check out Willie Lynch, Melanin, black wall street, black inventors, who are the true Isralities. Knowledge is power. We need to empower our children. Gucci.

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